Try These Ten Sex Positions

My wife and I are getting pretty bored with doing it ‘missionary’ or ‘doggy-style.’ I know there are other positions out there, but what are the best sexual positions for sex? I mean, I want to blow my her mind like never before.

There are definitely more than two horizontal dance moves you could be doing in the bedroom. As you are discovering, sex can get boring pretty quickly if you don’t try new things.

I hope you realize that all the groping, fingering, and sucking leading up to intercourse is just as important as doing it. Don’t just go straight to intercourse.

There are hundreds (probably thousands) of positions that are out there that people can add to their sexual bag of tricks. Some are orgasmic, while others may leave you (and your partner) in traction in the nearest hospital.

Since you want to ‘blow’ your girl’s mind  I’ve compiled a list of the top ten sexual positions to have her screaming your name in orgasmic delight.

Coming in at number ten is The Chair. Sit normally on a chair and have your girlfriend face and straddle you, gliding your manhood into heaven.

Next, I would suggest The Butterfly’ This position is similar to missionary, but her pelvis is tilted upwards. Stick a pillow under her butt and you’ll transform from moth to butterfly in her eyes.

And, if you like to cook in the kitchen, you can try The Kitchen Counter. Plop your gal on the kitchen counter, then spread her legs and add your banana to her fruit salad.

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 My seventh best position is referred to as Modified Missionary. Kneel putting your sweetie’s legs over your shoulders.

Close behind is Standing Rear Entry. You both stand with you entering her from behind.

Coming in at number five is having sex while Standing Facing Each Other. Another great pose is what is often referred to as the ‘Reverse Cowgirl.’ In this position, your gal will straddle you while facing your feet.

I know you’ve already been howling at your girl from behind, and Rear Entry is an excellent position to have her barking at the moon.

If you’re sick and tired of sniffing each other’s butts, you could always try the Woman on Top position. Your honey will sit on you and face you this time.

However, the number one position I would recommend to give her multiples is called Lateral Entry or what is sometimes referred to as Spooning. You’ll both lie on your sides entering her from behind.

In Bed With Tyomi demonstrates how couples can do the Lateral Entry/ Spooning sex position.

So include these new positions in your sexual position arsenal and she’ll be in love with you (and your penis) for years to come.

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