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Try These Ten Sex Positions

Sex positions

If you are getting bored with doing it ‘missionary’ or ‘doggy-style’ here are ten sex positions that will keep you busy--and happy--for months to 'cum'.


Why Her Orgasms Feel Different

Orgasms feel different

Some of my orgasms feel very different from others. I usually get a great deal of enjoyment when he goes down on me and that is my quickest way to come, but if I do come when we are doing things doggy style, my orgasm feels even more so. Is this normal and is there a reason for this?


Coital Alignment Technique

Cat position

One approach to orgasm-inducing intercourse involves the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). The CAT is a basic modification of the missionary position that involves the man riding up on a woman’s pelvis so they can rock and rub the clitoris against the base of his penis and/or pelvic bone.


Five Ways to Do It Doggy-Style

Doggy style

Check out these five hot position variations to take your tried and trusted doggie style to a whole new level. Plus here's why the doggie style sex position is stimulating for both men and women.


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Get Out of Your Sex Rut

Sex rut

In this video Dr. Trina Read talks about how sex can become stale and what couples can do to get out of a sex rut. She then discusses what couples can do to make it fun.